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Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pies sell out!

  What is the big deal about Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pie sold at Walmart? Well according to singer and entertainer James Wright Chanel they make you sing like Patti herself with just one bite. The singer gave a hilarious positive video review on the sweet treats raving about how great the pies are that went viral in a matter […]

Nice Girls Say No?

  One of the hardest things for me to hear was you are a great woman but your standards are too low and you get used by people because of your low standards. That literally felt like hands choking my neck. First I felt offended, then crushed as we softy nice girls often do. Then […]

Target’s OCD Sweater offends Mental Health Advocates

    First Starbucks got flack for their red cup with no Christmas symbol and now Target takes heat for their “OCD” Obsessive Christmas Disorder sweater. While the sweater seemingly makes jest of obsessive compulsive disorder, many mental health advocates are offended by the wording on the sweater. Some state that the flippant phrase trivializes obsessive compulsive disorder and […]

Is The Starbucks Red Cup a Fashion Faux Pas?

Here is the latest tea about the country’s beloved coffee maker Starbucks. Apparently some people feel that Starbucks has made a major faux pas with their latest holiday red cup. Some are saying the bright red cups are offensive to Christians because the cups are only red with no actual Christmas symbol on them. The major coffee company has […]

SCAD Fash Has Landed in Atlanta!

  For all of the Atlanta fashionistas there is a very exciting development right here in the heart of our city! The SCAD Fash Museum boasts over 10,000 sq ft of dazzling designs.  Situated in one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, the museum is connected to SCAD’s main building at 1600 Peachtree St. The museum adds a public gallery […]

Plaid is Trending for Fall

Recently while I was doing some promo modeling supporting our Troops at a Nascar event, I happened upon Target’s very cool promotions tent and their theme was everything plaid. They had plaid shirts, tents, sporting goods, and cool plaid glasses as premium give aways for their visitors. I just love the cozy feeling of a warm plaid […]

Haute Couture Goes to Film

  “There is a scene at the beginning of John Woo’s spectacular new film Face/Off in which Nicolas Cage strides down a runway. His eyes are covered in designer shades, his long black frock coat is blowing in the breeze. His boots gleam and the wind flicks around the elegant hemline of his jacket. We […]

Unhealthy Relationships

  Like a double edged sword…. manipulation cuts and tears down Not all women know what to look for regarding abusive relationships and often we make excuses for men with bad behavior who are otherwise ‘great guys’. …. Oh, he had a bad day …..Oh, he lost his job Abusive men often blame the women for […]