Lava Mae: Serving the Community One Shower at a Time

Doniece Sandoval knew she couldn’t solve the issue of homelessness in San Francisco, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t try to scrub away one problem faced by the thousands who live on the city’s streets to reveal a sparkling patch of hope. Inspired by the lack of available showers and toilets and a desire to help, Sandoval worked with a team to ingeniously adapt a retired city bus (and soon more of them) to provide mobile showers for the homeless, giving them not only hot and cold running water but also a rare patch of privacy and a renewed sense of dignity.




Sandoval calls the effect “transformative.” “It’s like one person goes in and a totally different person comes out,” she says, noting that it’s not only grime that’s washed away, but “just for a moment, their troubles and their cares,” allowing these men and women to “feel fresh and like there are possibilities again.”

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This article was paid for and posted by Toyota in The New York Times

Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pies sell out!


Patti kitchen

What is the big deal about Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pie sold at Walmart? Well according to singer and entertainer James Wright Chanel they make you sing like Patti herself with just one bite. The singer gave a hilarious positive video review on the sweet treats raving about how great the pies are that went viral in a matter of hours. Within a few short days Walmart stores everywhere were completely sold out of the beloved Patti pies. great  review.


Patti Pie tweet

Now the new tea is TMZ caught Patti out in public and had the chance to ask her about the pies selling out as a result of James’ viral video. She quickly responded that her pies were already selling out at Walmart before James’ video went viral. Well, Walmart sales records may indicate otherwise, however I don’t believe anyone will make much fuss about the beloved soulful singer. She has called James directly and even posted on her social media sites thanking him for the great  review.

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Nice Girls Say No?


One of the hardest things for me to hear was you are a great woman but your standards are too low and you get used by people because of your low standards.

That literally felt like hands choking my neck.

First I felt offended, then crushed as we softy nice girls often do.

Then I stopped and thought about the statement and over the next several months I analyzed the situations in which I felt like I was used or treated horribly and realized I yes I had a hand in creating those situations by allowing others who perhaps did not deserve it to take advantage of me.


The thing about being a genuine giver is our apparent HUMILITY is often not humility at all it is in fact PRIDE.

Let me explain …. I took on a superhero save everyone, help everyone, I’m never in need, I can do it all and suffer in silence for the good of others feel about myself. Now helping and serving are indeed great qualities of a Proverbs 31 woman but never saying no, taking no regard at all for your own needs ever, always placing others needs ahead of your own when they could very easily help themselves is very unhealthy and actually is PRIDEFUL NOT HUMBLE

This behavior is very dangerous because what happened to me and to many other apparently but not really superhuman people is I became completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and used…. And I had a hand in my own demise and depression.

Here are some things that helped me:

• Ask for help

• Say no some or a lot of times, they will find a way if you can’t trust me

• Question something that seems a tad off to you without fear of judgement

• Dismiss people from your life who are only taking from you and give them No explanation at all

• Do not let previous life suckers make you feel guilty, like a bad person, or not a Christian for now cutting them off

• Set realistic expectations of others; most people will not bend over backwards for you so don’t expect them to. As a giver you are unique. Don’t expect everyone to give the shirt of their back like you would

You have to take care of yourself first in order to be any good to care for others.
Don’t get weary in your giving and serving but you do not have to go it alone.

Your own wellness, peace, and sanity should be your first priority before caring for others.
Keep loving
Keep giving
Keep learning the balance

Target’s OCD Sweater offends Mental Health Advocates

    First Starbucks got flack for their red cup with no Christmas symbol and now Target takes heat for their “OCD” Obsessive Christmas Disorder sweater. While the sweater seemingly makes jest of obsessive compulsive disorder, many mental health advocates are offended by the wording on the sweater. Some state that the flippant phrase trivializes obsessive compulsive disorder and […]

Plaid is Trending for Fall

Plaid girls

Recently while I was doing some promo modeling supporting our Troops at a Nascar event, I happened upon Target’s very cool promotions tent and their theme was everything plaid. They had plaid shirts, tents, sporting goods, and cool plaid glasses as premium give aways for their visitors. I just love the cozy feeling of a warm plaid shirt on a cool, crisp autumn day. It makes me think of a blazing campfire and hot cocoa.


Plaid ballerina


A few months ago a saw cool picture of lady in a men’s plaid shirt and a very feminine ballerina skirt. I thought it was cute and thought not much more of it. But as the weather has turned cooler and the leaves quickly changed I once again was reminded of that cozy yet chic plaid inspired style that seems to be the fall trend for 2015.

Plaid Street-Style-April-2015-113

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Building Great Legs

Unhealthy Relationships



Like a double edged sword…. manipulation cuts and tears down

Not all women know what to look for regarding abusive relationships and often we make excuses for men with bad behavior who are otherwise ‘great guys’.

…. Oh, he had a bad day

…..Oh, he lost his job

Abusive men often blame the women for their mean behavior and we begin to believe that it’s something we are doing to cause the bad behavior.

It’s usually not a huge overt action at first.




Here are some early signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • Small subtle insults here and there
  • Finding issue with family or positive people in your life
  • Disapproving of activities that make you happy like family gatherings, church, working out.
  • Finding ways to isolate you from others who will identify the bad behavior and call it out
  • Breaking objects in front of you

These are all acts of manipulation and abuse.

If you see any of these signs in your relationship please get help.

Here are some resources:


Helpful Tips of Healthy Eating

Shop in the perimeter of the grocery store….

Around the perimeter of the grocery store is where the good wholesome foods are: fruits, veggies, meats, fish, dairy, grains. The internal aisles house all the processed foods. Try to eat whole natural foods as opposed to canned or processed foods whenever possible.


Read your labels…

Many people think they are eating healthy because an item is marketing as lite, or fit, or lower calories…
however by simply reading the labels of your food you can be aware of what you are eating. For example there are several Greek yogurts on the market but they may have over 20 grams of sugar. Ideally I try to eat yogurt and protein bars that have 7 grams of sugar or less.

Also pay attention to the serving size on your container. If the serving size is less than your container size then you must do a little math to figure out the actual content of your container. For example: I was eating a protein bar that had 13 grams of sugar per serving only to realize 1 serving was half a bar. So I was actually consuming 26 grams of sugar in one small snack without realizing it.

I also choose foods that have low sodium as well.

Simply reading your labels will help you in along your fitness journey.


Eat dark greens…

I choose to eat spinach, asparagus, and kale in varying amounts. A good variety of dark green veggies during your week is great for your digestion.


Consume fat burners…

I currently opt for natural fat burners as opposed to other forms. I eat grapefruit, cinnamon, and blueberries on a regular. I put blueberries and cinnamon (no sugar) in my oatmeal every morning. You can add a tab of organic honey or a half apple to your oatmeal for a sweet taste if needed.

Here are a few articles I found helpful with healthy food choice tips:

“Try These Tips for Heart Healthy Grocery Shopping”

“10 tips for healthy grocery shopping”