SCAD Fash Has Landed in Atlanta!



For all of the Atlanta fashionistas there is a very exciting development right here in the heart of our city!

The SCAD Fash Museum boasts over 10,000 sq ft of dazzling designs.  Situated in one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, the museum is connected to SCAD’s main building at 1600 Peachtree St. The museum adds a public gallery space, fashion conversation lab, and a media library for educational film and digital presentations to the existing 27,000 square feet of academic studio space dedicated to SCAD’s fashion students.




SCAD Fash Fashion Museum is currently displaying an amazing exhibit of Oscar de la Renta’s beautiful gowns worn by some of the hottest celebrities including Taylor Swift, Oprah, and Beyoncé through December 31, 2015.



Beyoncé Vogue Cover Gown

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Haute Couture Goes to Film

Milla J bandage dress


“There is a scene at the beginning of John Woo’s spectacular new film Face/Off in which Nicolas Cage strides down a runway. His eyes are covered in designer shades, his long black frock coat is blowing in the breeze. His boots gleam and the wind flicks around the elegant hemline of his jacket. We haven’t quite worked out who he is. We don’t know where he’s going. We don’t know what he’s done. The clothes, however, are definitely Donna Karan.

Hollywood and the world of fashion have long enjoyed a close and mutually beneficial relationship. There have been films about fashion; films featuring fashion; designers who dress film stars; models who become actors; actors who date models. It is a love affair with endless permutations.

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