Lava Mae: Serving the Community One Shower at a Time

Doniece Sandoval knew she couldn’t solve the issue of homelessness in San Francisco, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t try to scrub away one problem faced by the thousands who live on the city’s streets to reveal a sparkling patch of hope. Inspired by the lack of available showers and toilets and a desire to help, Sandoval worked with a team to ingeniously adapt a retired city bus (and soon more of them) to provide mobile showers for the homeless, giving them not only hot and cold running water but also a rare patch of privacy and a renewed sense of dignity.




Sandoval calls the effect “transformative.” “It’s like one person goes in and a totally different person comes out,” she says, noting that it’s not only grime that’s washed away, but “just for a moment, their troubles and their cares,” allowing these men and women to “feel fresh and like there are possibilities again.”

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This article was paid for and posted by Toyota in The New York Times

Target’s OCD Sweater offends Mental Health Advocates

    First Starbucks got flack for their red cup with no Christmas symbol and now Target takes heat for their “OCD” Obsessive Christmas Disorder sweater. While the sweater seemingly makes jest of obsessive compulsive disorder, many mental health advocates are offended by the wording on the sweater. Some state that the flippant phrase trivializes obsessive compulsive disorder and […]

Unhealthy Relationships



Like a double edged sword…. manipulation cuts and tears down

Not all women know what to look for regarding abusive relationships and often we make excuses for men with bad behavior who are otherwise ‘great guys’.

…. Oh, he had a bad day

…..Oh, he lost his job

Abusive men often blame the women for their mean behavior and we begin to believe that it’s something we are doing to cause the bad behavior.

It’s usually not a huge overt action at first.




Here are some early signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • Small subtle insults here and there
  • Finding issue with family or positive people in your life
  • Disapproving of activities that make you happy like family gatherings, church, working out.
  • Finding ways to isolate you from others who will identify the bad behavior and call it out
  • Breaking objects in front of you

These are all acts of manipulation and abuse.

If you see any of these signs in your relationship please get help.

Here are some resources: