Helpful Tips of Healthy Eating

Shop in the perimeter of the grocery store….

Around the perimeter of the grocery store is where the good wholesome foods are: fruits, veggies, meats, fish, dairy, grains. The internal aisles house all the processed foods. Try to eat whole natural foods as opposed to canned or processed foods whenever possible.


Read your labels…

Many people think they are eating healthy because an item is marketing as lite, or fit, or lower calories…
however by simply reading the labels of your food you can be aware of what you are eating. For example there are several Greek yogurts on the market but they may have over 20 grams of sugar. Ideally I try to eat yogurt and protein bars that have 7 grams of sugar or less.

Also pay attention to the serving size on your container. If the serving size is less than your container size then you must do a little math to figure out the actual content of your container. For example: I was eating a protein bar that had 13 grams of sugar per serving only to realize 1 serving was half a bar. So I was actually consuming 26 grams of sugar in one small snack without realizing it.

I also choose foods that have low sodium as well.

Simply reading your labels will help you in along your fitness journey.


Eat dark greens…

I choose to eat spinach, asparagus, and kale in varying amounts. A good variety of dark green veggies during your week is great for your digestion.


Consume fat burners…

I currently opt for natural fat burners as opposed to other forms. I eat grapefruit, cinnamon, and blueberries on a regular. I put blueberries and cinnamon (no sugar) in my oatmeal every morning. You can add a tab of organic honey or a half apple to your oatmeal for a sweet taste if needed.

Here are a few articles I found helpful with healthy food choice tips:

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