My New York Fashion Week Experience

  • Gisele Bundchen Fall 2015

With baited breath I submitted a 1 minute video of my runway walk online to Small Boutique Fashion Week. After just 2 days I got my much anticipated acceptance email and submitted 3 pictures: headshot, swimwear and full length. Within just 3 days I received an exciting acceptance letter from Small Boutique Fashion Week New York the day before my last fitness competition. With such great news I rushed to research travel arrangements into New York. My Dad devised a very cool way of my friend and me traveling into Philadelphia and then taking the train into the city via Septa and Amtrak.

Small Boutique had a series of 3 shows on one day: 12pm, 3pm, and 7pm. My stepmom and her mom attended the 3pm show, while my Dad and brother attended the evening show. Dad proudly stood right with all the media persons snapping pics as if he belonged.

Upon arriving at Metropolitan near Times Square we walked up 4 flights of stairs with our luggage only to find tons of paparazzi lined up at the end of the runway ready to capture every hand stitched beautiful garment. We were ushered to the backstage area where everything was a buzz.





Originally the designers had already picked the models that they wanted to wear their garments via our online picture and stat submissions, however by the day of the show that list somehow got misplaced. So the process of selecting models was very hectic. Basically about 4-8 designers would arrive around the same time and the models stood surrounding each designer like sharks waiting for a meal. We all stood in our undies or robes and high heels pushing toward the front of the semi-circle trying to get selected by the designer. By the time I waited for one designer to select all their models I may have missed the opportunity to get selected by the next designer because this was all done simultaneously. By the 3rd set of designer selections, I got the hang of it. I had to be aggressive if I wanted to get selected. So I put on my highest heels and made my way to the front of the circles as much as I could.

All day long I got my hair style change and touched up 3 times from big curls to a bun to a side braid. I met amazingly charming young ladies and men from all over the country. I walked for over 6 designers and had a blast. Just the experience of being in New York for Fashion week and getting a chance the grace the same runway as some of the greats was beyond a dream come true for me.

That night we walked through Time Square with my Dad and Brother and came across none other than …. Batman… yes that’s right Batman! So being the model mastermind and silly person that I am of course I had to battle Batman to see whose guns are bigger. The next morning we had a lovely breakfast prepared by a fashion show producer who was hosting a rehearsal that afternoon for a show he selected us for the following week. He has worked with Iman and other outstanding models from all over the world since the 70’s. This was very exciting to say the least.

After our great experience in New York we did have quite a time getting back home to Atlanta including missing a train and flight and getting stuck in Philly for an extra night, as well as stuck in the airport until about 1am in the freezing cold air conditioning. But I must say all in all I had an incredible time in New York and an unforgettable experience with a great friend and got to see my Dad so happy and proud of his oldest baby girl.

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  1. Valencia Walker
    Valencia Walker says:

    Great article Lyschel! Very well written! So glad you consider me to be a great friend! the feeling is mutual girlie! 🙂


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