Plaid is Trending for Fall

Plaid girls

Recently while I was doing some promo modeling supporting our Troops at a Nascar event, I happened upon Target’s very cool promotions tent and their theme was everything plaid. They had plaid shirts, tents, sporting goods, and cool plaid glasses as premium give aways for their visitors. I just love the cozy feeling of a warm plaid shirt on a cool, crisp autumn day. It makes me think of a blazing campfire and hot cocoa.


Plaid ballerina


A few months ago a saw cool picture of lady in a men’s plaid shirt and a very feminine ballerina skirt. I thought it was cute and thought not much more of it. But as the weather has turned cooler and the leaves quickly changed I once again was reminded of that cozy yet chic plaid inspired style that seems to be the fall trend for 2015.

Plaid Street-Style-April-2015-113

Check out some the hot plaid buys on the links below:

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